Hey there! After a few years of planning, we're about to launch our very first complement to this week: a photo-hosting service called

We're still in the very early days of this product, so we're calling our initial release an alpha version — very bare-bones, not completely polished, but still useful right out of the gate. When we launch, you'll be able to quickly upload photos, save a note for each (more on this below), and get their URLs to include them in your posts.

We were planning to include the ability to import any existing images on your blogs, so they could have a permanent home within the suite of products. This is still coming, but not with the launch. We decided it's better to make sure this core product is solid, then add that feature next.

We are including the option to save text along with your photos. You'll see all it can do as we evolve, but it's part of what will set apart in the future as a photo blogging platform. For now, you can save a short blurb or a Markdown-formatted essay with each photo, and some of it will be used as the photo's alt text, and it'll be saved for later. Include hashtags and they'll come in handy down the road. will be open to all active Pro users from day one, and we'll keep it available only to Pro users for the foreseeable future, as we think this product makes that monthly $4 subscription fee go much farther.

We can't wait to show you what we've built (and have planned). Stay tuned here and on Twitter for more updates!