Monetize Your Photos with Micropayments

A few months ago, we introduced our very first monetization features in the suite, by supporting the proposed Web Monetization standard. Now, we’re expanding this to other products in our suite, starting with

How it works

Web Monetization is a browser technology that enables your audience to support your work — and the work of other photographers, writers, and creators — with a single monthly subscription. This subscription automatically sends out small payments (called “micropayments”) to creators around the web who share their work on platforms that support Web Monetization, like Learn more about this, and what it means for our platform, in our announcement post on the blog.

Getting started

To accept micropayments on your profile and galleries (such as, you’ll simply add your payment pointer to your corresponding blog.

First, head to, navigate to your blog’s Customize page, and insert the payment pointer in the Web Monetization section. Of course, if you’ve already enabled Web Monetization on, your profile is already Web Monetized, too!

What’s next

As we mentioned when launching this feature on, this is just the start for us. In time, we hope to build a unified way for photographers and writers to make a living from their work on our platform. We can’t wait to share what’s in store for us next!