Today we’re excited to officially launch our API! This enables developers to build their own photo sharing apps and utilities on top of our simple photo hosting platform. To get started, you can visit our new Developers site.

Last year, we moved out of “alpha” status and on to more permanent infrastructure. Once we migrated everyone over, we started to work on a stable, open publishing API. From, we know that this is critical for flexible tools like ours, so this was the first area we focused on. And we’re already seeing tools built on top of — including our own!

Migrating and Publishing

If you’re technically-minded, you might already be thinking up some use cases for our new API. For us, we first saw its potential in migrating from other platforms to So when we recently built our Hugo import tool for and WriteFreely, we included support out of the box, so your photos could follow you from your Hugo blog to Along with this, we released an official Go library for the API.

We were also excited to see the community jump on board after we released our API documentation. For one, we saw the developer behind ThiefMD add the ability to upload photos to, both in ThiefMD and the Vala library behind it!

Up Next

Next, we plan to support more functionality through the API, from creating photo galleries to fetching account data.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback! Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on the forum.