Uploading from Anywhere

Snap.as is an easy way to get your photos online. Though it's already quick today (the uploader is the first thing you see), sometimes you need to upload a photo when you're in the middle of something else.

Enter our browser extension.

Available for Chrome and Firefox today, our new browser extension pops up a tiny window to drag a photo to, no matter where on the web you are. The photo is uploaded and the Markdown gets copied to your clipboard, so you can paste it anywhere you want it to show up. Boom. Quick and easy.

This is especially useful for Write.as users — in fact, it's primarily why we built it. Snap.as is meant to both stand on its own and work closely with the other products in our suite — and this brings your photos and writing together. A browser extension helps keep the Write.as editor clean while still letting you upload photos in the midst of your writing flow. It's an integration we're pretty happy with, and will continue tightening up over time.

We hope you enjoy, and we'd love to hear your feedback on the forums!